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tv   Newsline  WHUT  October 31, 2012 7:30am-8:00am EDT

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millions of americans pick up after the biggest storm in generations. super storm sunday has turned back the clock. it slammed into the east coast. cutting off power, communications and travel. local media say at least 40 people across the u.s. have been killed. experts have downgraded sandy from a hurricane to post tropical cyclone by the time it hit shore. still, new yorkers have never seen anything like it. >> we expected an unprecedented storm impact here in new york city. that's what we got. so while the worst of the storm is passed conditions are still dangerous. i just can't stress that enough. >> a power station in manhattan exploded. power was knocked out to much of the burough.
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city officials say it will take one week to restore power as well as the walteter, rail and other services. 2 million households across new york state are still without electricity. the u.s. nuclear regulatory commission says workers are alerted at the nuclear power plant on the new jersey coast. officials were concerned about high water levels. three other nuclear mranlplants new jersey and new york were shut down because of high water and damage to the electrical grid. new yorkers found their streets, businesses, and homes flooded. they spent the day trying to dry out. >> the streets of downtown manhattan are eerily quiet and dark. the usual jostling of traffic and pedestrians is greatly reduced. most businesses remain closed and workers are staying home. on 57th street a giant construction crane was badly damaged.
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the broken structure can be seen hanging precariously atop a new luxury high rise. power is still out in districts below 34th street. large parts of low lying areas were submerged when the storm surge coincided with high tide. wall street trading has been canceled again today. this is the first time since 1888 that the new york stock exchange remained closed for two consecutive days due to weather. a surveyor from the local power company said it will take at least three days to restore power to all buildings. >> like i said we can't do anything until all the water is out of the buildings, all the basements. it's very critical. it is really very dangerous. you can't go in there at all. >> reporter: sand bags couldn't prevent water from pouring into buildings. even fire stations were affected. many residents and lower manhattan had to go to emergency
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shelters. >> there is no electricity in the house, no water, everything is -- no phone service. everything is disconnected. we need to be here because we don't have any food. >> reporter: the storm crippled public transportation. the subway system has been seriously damaged. most tunnels and bridges are still closed. port authority at new york and new jersey is keeping the three major new york airports closed. thousands of flights have been grounded. new york city remains crippled. no one knows when the city will reopen for business. nhk world, manhattan. people along the coast, knew for days. and we are joined from the weather team with more on the science of all this. what is causing a storm of this
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magnitude? >> ape ve very rare case that t hurricane made landfall in new jersey. it is hurricane season so we do see a lot of storms this time of the year. usually we do not have a high-pressure system over the atlantic, called the blocking anti-cyclone, pretty self-explanatory from that name. but, you said this high-pressure system acts like a block. it is locked out of this system to move into the northeasterly path which usually -- the storms take place, take paths in that direction. but due to this high pressure sitting over here, for a while, it is very strong. cushions it, toward the eastern seaboards, of the united states. and this time -- it did make a landfall in the eastern coast. hence, the biggest storm in generations. now it has the become a remnant of low-pressure systems, so, it
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is much weaker than, than it was when it hit a landfall. though the tropical moisture brings all the humidity and turns and makes a lot of downpour as cross ts across the. you can see the size. it is very big. not an organized system t it will bringing, patches of very heavy rain across the regions. not only that -- it brings all of the cold air from the north across the system. what it does is take a look at the video coming out from the west virginia. here -- we had, 73 secentimeter of snowfall, in just from this storm system. and the additional -- snowfall could ak sthael ectually exceed meters, on top of lots of more plowing to do. see it can pull back. and the system is moving away from the land masses. blizzard warnings is posted and
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in effect in west virginia. back to you. >> damages could reach $20 billion, and the cost of restoringi inelectricty. it takes into account the cancellation of trading on stock markets. continued unrest in mal if is fueling concerns about terrorism. the european union is now considering sending troops to train government forces in the west african country. a senior eu official says member states are discussing plans to send about 200 troops to the country. the official said they will not take part. forces are to trade malian soldiers early. mali has been split in half. islamic fundamentalists with links to al qaeda have taken over the northern part of the country. european leaders say if the situation continues, northern mali could become a hotbed of
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terrorist activity. the u.n. security council is debating the issue, it its considering, sending thousands of international troops, mainly from west african nations. japan's hitachi will buy a brit, power company to strengthen its nuclear plant business. the company said on tuesday that it will purchase all shares of nuclear power next month for $1 billion. horizon planning to build six nuclear reactors at two locations in britain. and the reactors by the early 2020s.
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>> hi,000aw >> britain has not changed its nuclear energy policy despite rising opposition to nuclear plants in germany and other european countries. but horizon's parent companies in germany have been looking to sell the company shares. hitatchi's nuclear power project faces an uncertain future in japan after last year's accident at the fukushima daiichi plant. the company hopes the deal will help it win nuclear power contracts in both industrialized nations and emerging economies. auto makers are struggling in china. strained relations between the countries are affecting sales there. mitsubishi motors is reporting lower sales in the country but growth in southeast asia can make up for the lost revenue. the mitsubishi motors president revealed the firm had cut its sales target in china by over 40%. that's to 42,000 units for the business year through march. he said he is cautious about the outlook for china but strong sales in especially thailand and indonesia should support the firm's business. he said it'll be enough to meet
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mitsubishi's target of $1 billion in operating profit. executives at another japanese auto maker announced the firm had cut this year's sales target for china by 35%. that's to about 40,000 units. honda has already slashed its operating profit forecast by about $1.2 billion for the current fiscal year. the chinese market accounts for 20% of honda's total sales. follow the latestic nom -- latest economic news. the current account surplus shrunk last month. the government post aid preliminary figure of $3.9 billion. a drop of 4.46 billion from august due to sharp increase in imports. seasonably adjusted exports increased 5.4% from the previous month while imports grew 6.9%.
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business sentiment among south korean manufacturers in october, fell to the lowest level in 3 1/2 years. the bank of korea said the index on business conditions, stood at 58, down 1 point from september. that is the lowest since ape rim 2009. a reading below 100 indicates more come pans are pessimistic. the index for exporters was down three points to 72. analysts attribute the decleine to a slowdown and stronger currency. the global slowdown, the world is eyeing africa. and the market with potential. china especially has rapidly expanded its investment in the continent, but south korea, had also begun to move in. in mid october, 300 officials from 50 african countries gathered. they attended the korea-africa
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forum to boost partnerships in development. african countries need partners for the realization of their enormous -- i expect cooperation between south korea and africa to expand and be strengthened through this forum. >> at a ministerial meeting the south korean government decided to extend $6 million in aid over the next two years. direct investment by south korea has reached $2.9 billion. south korea's leading companies have already gone into high gear to gain significant market share in africa. auto maker hyundai has introduced this mid sized sedan as part of its strategy. in march this year it received the award car of the year 2012 in south africa which is the largest car market in the continent.
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the south korean maker won the award for the first time beating the other big car companies. officials say the car's quality and design as well as the firm's customer service made it popular. >> we have taken care of the customer. we are connecting through the internet. we can solve quality issues immediately. >> lg electronics also entered the market with unique models. >> this tv keeps running 90 minutes even after unplugged. i'm going to pull out the plug here. look. it's still on. >> lg developed the tv knowing
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that africa has unstable power. the firm started selling it in august last year in 14 countries. it costs 20% more than a standard tv but has sold three times as many. they will also release an air conditioner with a function to help prevent the spread of malaria. the model goes on sale at the end of november. >> translator: we plan to expand our lineup of products customized for the african market and increase our brand value. we want to keep working hard so that we can win a competitive share. >> the global economic slowdown has decreased south korean exports. the government along with corporations aimed to revitalize the economy by expanding business in africa. that wraps up today's report
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from seoul. back to tokyo. the head of the japan international corporation says his agency will help improve the investment environment in iraq and assure more japanese firms can do business in the country. the president met iraq's prime minister through his first visit to the country and told the minister japanese companies are concerned about the risks of doing business in iraq. they include the sudden cancellation of contract. he asked iraq to promote a more business friendly environment. he stressed that the company will help iraq draft a legal framework to protect the rights of investors. next year will mark the tenth anniversary of the start of the iraq war. violence still rocks the country but iraq is becoming a major oil producer once again. the country's economic growth is expected to top 12% this year.
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japan self defense forces and u.s. military will hold their training exercise in waters off okinawa prefecture. they were to practice a land mag nufr, but it has forced military plan tires take a less direct approach. the drill is part of a large scale exercise that starts next week. commanders want to enhance the defense of southwestern islands. in italy they plan to hold a drill on an uninhabited island. they want to rehearse retaking territory occupied by enemy forces. government officials decided last week not to send troops ashore. they want to avoid raising tensions with china. the two countries, are feuding over the senkaku island and uninhabited chain in the east china see, controlled by japan. the beach landing is off, japanese and u.s. personnel will still practice together. troops will board landing craft, and coordinate with air support.
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artists face a fundamental choice in their work whether to depict what they see in their imagination or the realities of daily life. this question has arrived late in the career of an 88-year-old japanese artist, after what he saw last year after the earth quack a quake and tsunami. >> his central theme has long been the joy of living. in september, an exhibition of his works opened in tokyo. there was one new piece in particular that caught the visitors' attention. called the miraculous pine tree, it depicts a powerful image.
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a single tree that survived last year's great eastern japan earthquake and tsunami. >> i can really feel the emotion in the work. i can't hold back my tears. >> the way he drew the tsunami feels different. it is not like his other works. i think he has put more of his own personal feeling into this >> he has been working on other images showing the aftermath of the disaster. this new work depicts a building that was demolished by the tsunami leaving nothing but its metal frame. he uses a razor blade to cut out the basic sill well that will form t -- basic silhouette that will shield the image. the first visit was in august of last year. he traveled to the prefecture,
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one of the worst hit areas of northeastern japan. this is one of the pieces that was created following his visit. his visit, vivid depiction of the debris and destruction, captured the depth of emotion in this scene. >> i realized that i must focus more on it, and must confront it. i must grapple with it. it took me all these years. but i finally became aware of this. >> this august -- he returned to the disaster area to a location with significance. before the tsunami there were thick pine woods all along the coast. afterwards, only one was left standing. working from his sketches, he depicted it rising above the wreckage of the disaster.
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we can't ignore thing. we must face them and must never forege it is the same for every generation. when we see what we have overcome -- we see how strong people truly are. >> the message is clear. no matter what the adversity, once we have overcome it, there is hope. one of japan's first female lawmakers has died of kidney failure. she was 94 years old. a spokesperson says she died on april, 3rd, but she asked for the announcement to be put off until october 31st. her birthday. she was elected to the lower house of the diet in 1946 as a member of the defunct socialist party. japan's, postwar general election opened the door.
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she want on to serve. a famous retiree has been drawing crowds. the space shuttle "endeavour" has gone on show at the california science center. and in los angeles, in late september, it traveled through the city to its new home at the science museum, two weeks ago. visitors can take a close look at the shuttle's 24,000 heat resistant tiles and they can also view one of the blast engines. >> it is amazing. it is a great exhibit here. and actually get up so close and see all the tiles. and all -- everything. it's amazing. >> organizers say they're expecting 4,000 visitors on the exhibitions opening day. a homecoming in southwest china,
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giant pandas are returning to a conversation center. the displays, by the earthquake that hit the province in 2008. the quake did major damage to the breeding center. it has taken four years to repair. 18 pandas moved into the reopened facility on tuesday. >> this will be a mild storm for improving protection and research on pandas. >> the earthquake killed one panda at the center. 60 others are evacuated. and other facilities across the country. pandas are facing extinction. managers at the conversation center say they'll be working hard to increase their number. this includes, researching pandas and returning them to the wild. >> cradle of culture.
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economic prosperity. and a new path to china. millions are missing out at a time of growing public discontent. members of the communist party are choosing their new leaders. newsline correspondents will report from the party's national congress. don't miss our special coverage, china the next generation. starting thursday, november 8th at 8:00 p.m. japan time here on newsline. team to check the world weather forecast. we are joined once again. >> we're watching a storm system over waters here. northeast of sri lanka. see the massive cloud formation. not really an organized system. though it is a cyclonic storm. it has picked up its pace at the speed of 22 kilometers per hour. and moving in a northwesterly path towards eastern coast of india. possibly making landfall, this evening. local time. so that will be wednesday evening hours. it is moving away from sri lanka. but still affecting the land,
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with gale-force winds. and very heavy rain that goes to this southeastern coast of india, as well. and looks like it may be in and around the region. the rainfall accumulation could be -- could be as much as 200 millimeters and some locations, especially in the eastern seaboard. you can see for the next 72 hours. coastal fldi inflooding from th flooding rain. storm surges and strong winds are going to be hammering the regions. we'll keep a close eye on this system. and, the rest of the eastern continental asia will be looking at this rain band. very closely, it has descended down from southern china, where it battered the coastal region. let me show you a video coming out from south china. after battering the philippines and vietnam, killing at least 30 people. remnants of the typhoon have
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brought rains to china. 250 millimeters have fallen. sunday into tuesday. and you see the flooding and drenching rain, causing serious flooding and making roads almost -- impassible. we can pull back. and we can show you this rain that has gone down and so -- it is clearing things out, and much of the country, which is really good news, really don't want any more additional rainfall. across, here in the korean peninsula. we have a low pressure system moving away. which has been creating coastal showers across the eastern sea boards. that is going to be developing over the sea of japan. moving into japan here in, in the northwestern regions of, of japan. side of japan. we may see some very unstable weather in the next 24 hours. thunderstorm activity will be the key effect in the region. lots of lightning could be found there. and also the waves picking up as much as 5 meters high. let's go over to the european
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continent. still things are messy across the north. we have a storm system that are moving into the british isles. you can see, it is really close to each other. which means that, the force of wind are going to be very strong. especially in the -- iven tn th central uk region. heaviest rain found due to the system. across the scandinavian peninsula. things turning into snow in the higher elevations. especially norway. thunderstorms will be found across the regions. especially in italy. clearing out here in much of the east. temperatures are shaping up, like this, warsaw at 5 degrees. overnight hours, you may see those dipping down to minus 1. here is the forecast.
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our main story once again, continued unrest in mali is fueling concerns about terrorism further afield. the european union is considering sending troops to train government forces in the west african country. a senior eu official says members are discussing plans to send about 200 troops to the
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country. the official said they will not take part in any fighting. stressing, eu forces are to train soldiers only. mali has been virtually split in half, since the military coup in march. islaming fundamentalists with links to al qaeda have taken over the northern part of the country. european leaders say, if the situation continues, northern mali could become a hotbed of terrorist activity. posing a potential threat to security in europe. the u.n. security council is debating the issue. it is considering sending thousands of international troops, mainly from west african nations. and that's all for now on this edition of newsline. thank you very much for joining us.
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